Q) What career are you currently in & how long have you been working there?

I work as a software developer and technology consultant. I’ve been working in the industry for over 20 years, now.

Q) What inspires you as a black professional, working in the tech sector?

The prospect to create and release technology in a direction that’s beneficial for those who are currently underserved.

Q) What made you eager to start the Frocentric project?

I’ve spent most of my career building community platforms and became convinced of the need and potential for creating a set of spaces that are welcoming, safe and empowering for people across the African diaspora.

Q) What are you hoping to gain from it?

My personal goal has always been to have a safe space for black people online generally. I previously noticed the exploitative feel surrounding black ppl and their ideas and felt the need to change that, to meet the diverse needs of the diaspora. I’m trying to build a space where we’re safe as black people, one that allows collaboration and not purely for entertainment but a community that has intent. I also hope to make it a space that provides an example to entrepreneurs and how things should be done. I don’t think there’s enough examples in the UK currently. The aim is to make this long term project that the community will have leadership in, to fulfil generations. “I want it to be something that will outlive me, a positive legacy that will last longer than I do.”

Q) How do you think we can make a change in the community?

I think we can drive meaningful change by being very focussed in the targeting and delivery of our platforms to serve clearly-identified needs for specific sections of our community. There are different sections of our community that aren’t homogenous and everyone has different needs. It’s about the ability to drive change that fulfils everyone’s needs, whether that’s financial understanding or striving for a higher salary etc. Having measureable advances to accomplish what hasn’t previously been possible. I don’t intend it to be socialising for the sake of it but really around finding practical ways to support different communities.

Q) Finally, what’s one thing you’re hoping to push with this platform?

One important principle for me is the representation of Black excellence. As a community, we judge each other very harshly for failing to live up to perceived standards that based on concepts and institutions outside. So at Frocentric, we intend to lead by example in demonstrating competence, professionalism and expertise in all aspects of our planning and execution.