Q) What career are you currently in & how long have you been working there?

I’m currently self employed mainly doing a mixture of Design work (UI/UX/Graphic & Illustration), Web Development & Photography.
In 2013 I officially started the journey to becoming self-employed. Before that (final year uni) I did a placement, agency for 6 months. My university degree is Multimedia tech and design, whilst my placement was junior web design with a mix of graphic and other design elements.
Prior to uni I was always doing design for people, like logos etc but wanted to have a bit more control over clients I work with. Currently, that ranges from a mix of clients.

Q) What inspires you as a black professional, working in the tech sector?

I think I’m most inspired by the opportunities that we have in tech. We have the ability to create products and services, all from our unique perspectives. This is really key especially since as a community we are often forgotten or seen as an afterthought in the mainstream.

Q) What made you eager to join the Frocentric project?

If I wasn’t directly involved, Frocentric would be a platform that I’d use myself so having the opportunity to help shape it is a plus for me.
The ability to shape something that I’d use himself was a big driver for him joining the project. It’s also an opportunity to sharpen my skills and being part of a personal project is quite fulfilling as you see it progress, skill share whilst learning from different people.

Q) What are you hoping to gain from it?

I’m hoping to learn even more about the various communities and how we can address them through the platforms that Frocentric will produce. Also sharpening my all round dev & design skills.
I see it becoming a community that will progress, showing that there are things that are achievable for people that look like them. Tech related jobs weren’t familiar in the past so the ability to share awareness that it is possible is good.

Q) How do you think we can make a change in the community?

I think we can help demystify a lot of spaces that we are often a minority in – such as tech. Hopefully through the platforms we create we can encourage more and more people to pursue career paths that they may not have known about before.

Q) Finally, what’s one thing you’re hoping to push with this platform?

One thing i’d like to push is the power of collaboration and how beneficial it can be when we have a diverse set of people and skillsets pushing together for one goal.