Q) What career are you currently in & how long have you been working there?

I am a Project Manager in a Creative Advertising Agency. I’ve been a Project Manager for about 3.5 years within the events industry and 1 year in the advertising industry. I’ve always been interested in the creative & design aspect of things when in the events industry so decided to make the shift.

I did some Agency work for a while, but it wasn’t the experience I was expecting as there wasn’t much help for newcomers, no training etc in the year I worked there. I then moved to a bigger agency, which offers the support that wasn’t there before from previous role. The creative industry is really interesting and so much to it.

Q) What inspires you as a black professional, working in the advertising sector?

What inspires me is the potential opportunities within this sector. Whilst there is a huge amount of talent within the creative section like designers, from my experience there is very little talent seen with other roles like developers, writers, and planners for example, which I believe is partly down to a lack of exposure.

Q) What made you eager to join the Frocentric project?

I believe in what it stands for. Being a network hub of communities that serves the African diaspora. I am a second-generation immigrant from Ghana and I love to support and be introduced to the beautiful things we have to offer! Here at Frocentric, we are keen to build these networks and hubs where our community can engage, learn, mentor, establish businesses, and stimulate our diaspora.

The idea of a community & support network is great, a lot of us have been used to finding things out on our own but the idea of a community will help people to have that support from others. The lack of support that we went through shouldn’t go on for future generations, and I want to amplify the feel of community and outreach.

The idea of making that help available, through an overarching brand like Frocentric is different compared to many communities out there. Not holding people accountable, but offering people the ability to offer help & advise as and when they can.

To me, it’s a platform you can use willingly and gives them availability to do so to form that outreach. Accountability is a big thing to consider, it comes later as people are engaging with the content.

Q) What are you hoping to gain from it?

A peer-to-peer support ecosystem that is accessible to as many people as possible. While achieving significant career milestones, whether a promotion or setting up on your own, there is probably someone out there that can provide support or who could use your services.

Q) How do you think we can make a change in the community?

We intend to be led by the community, so as the community evolves, so will Frocentric.

Q) Finally, what’s one thing you’re hoping to push with this platform?

To be a social platform led by the community itself that promotes mentorship, networking, and support for industry leaders within the diaspora.