Q) What career are you currently in and how long have you been working there?

I am currently a Software Engineer at Harry’s Grooming. I have been in the company since January 2020 and became a Software Engineer after graduating from MSc Software Engineering in 2014, transitioning from a career in the media.

I have a BSC in media production, and worked in post production around 2009 which was the recession period. Worked for the BBC for 5 1/2 years (presentation scheduler), noticed that the software was really bad whereby only a few people could use it.

I’ve always been eager to solve problems so became determined to fix it, spoke to the dev team which got me interested in software. I always knew my previous career wasn’t going to be long-term, so I decided to make a career change with recommendations to work in tech so she took the leap.

Q) What inspires you as a black professional, working in the tech sector?

I have a natural curiosity for wanting to know how things work. I was that child pulling toys apart to see what was underneath. This curiosity has evolved from “how does this work?” to “let me build something, because I know how it works and see what happens”. What inspires me most about working in technology is that curiosity. Technology is ever-evolving and I will always want to know how it works, then let me build something with that knowledge.

Q) What made you eager to join the Frocentric project?

I am blessed to have had two primary school teachers who taught me the importance of empowering communities. The lessons they taught I carry with me daily. How could I say no to the opportunity of using my skills to empower the diaspora?

I’m passionate about the idea of community, especially in the current times. I’m also passionate about using my skills to develop and help the community in ways that may not have previously been possible.

To me, ‘Community’ is about people that are struggling, this is w diverse range of people coming together. Primary community would be the black people as I identifies with black people herself.

It’s important to create a safe space, not a place for judgement. It’s a space for people to communicate with eachother and show the world that there are valuable skills available to share.

It’s time that the whole world sees that black people can work together, willing to share and learn to collaborate together. Again, it’s important that we provide a safe space for people, not a place to marginalise people. I hope to let people know that we are also not experts, we’re learning with them and we’re willing to evolve with them as we also learn and if we show our vulnerability they will comfortable to show theirs too.

Q) What are you hoping to gain from it?

Any opportunity to upskill and potentially learn new skills is a win. Guess I’m hoping to gain new skills and growth in my existing ones

Q) How do you think we can make a change in the community?

By building a set of tools with the purpose of empowering the community.

Q) Finally, what’s one thing you’re hoping to push with this platform?