Community Stars

We’re creating a unique community for Black people in tech to express themselves, learn from each other and build relationships. As we prepare to launch, we’re looking for passionate tech practitioners who love leading conversations in their fields of interest or expertise to create an environment where members feel comfortable asking questions and sharing their own knowledge.

These roles are open to anyone, regardless of your background or experience level. If you’re interested, please review the FAQs below and submit your application on this page.


Very simply, anyone who finds joy in discussing and exploring one or more subject areas in tech and is committed to sharing their questions, experiences and passion with others.

In our pre-launch phase, we will simply be asking for a commitment to regularly create and participate in conversations addressing your own areas of interest. We’re using a discussion-based platform, meaning you can participate asynchronously at times that best suit you. We’re asking for around an hour per week, with a minimum of 4 weeks’ participation

In addition to building your personal brand and reputation, our community stars will be given unique badges and recognition across the community; have a greater say in the development of our roadmap; receive early access to new features; enjoy additional exclusive future benefits as we build out our platform.

No experience? No problem! We’re creating a diverse community where your value isn’t based on your seniority level. The most important thing is your passion for a particular aspect of tech and a willingness to share, help and engage with other members.