Black Future Hack

We’re planning a unique hackathon that will bring together multi-disciplinary Black technologists with industry experts and corporate sponsors to develop innovative solutions for real-world challenges faced by Afro-Caribbean communities in the UK. Our objective is to facilitate the creation of viable applications that can ultimately deliver tangible benefits to our communities.

We firmly believe that Black History Month provides a valuable opportunity for our communities to recollect, reinforce and pay respects to our shared heritage. The Black Future Hack is intentionally scheduled for the last weekend of BHM to channel the focus and energy generated over the preceding weeks into a communal effort that will contribute to a more equitable, healthy and prosperous future for all of us.

We’ve chosen to focus on three key areas that strongly affect Afro-Caribbean communities across the UK:

  • Education. Including primary, secondary, college, university, private, cultural, home-schooling, etc
  • Wellness. Including diet, fitness, mental health, reproductive health, access to services, etc
  • Personal Finance. Including savings, market trading, asset investment, debt management, financial planning, etc

Get Involved

Spaces will be limited for this event. To make sure you don’t miss out on any announcements, or to support through partnership or sponsorship, pre-register using the form below.


Black technology professionals from all backgrounds and disciplines are invited to take part and contribute their skills to creating solutions that will benefit our wider communities.


We welcome individuals or organisations with experience within the core themes of the event, who can provide subject matter expertise and guidance before and during the event.