Frocentric:Tech is the community platform for Black tech professionals. We’re creating a space for Black people working in tech and digital to connect, learn and collaborate. This will allow us, as a community, to better navigate and prosper in digital tech industries.

We’re building a platform to bring together our tech expertise, curate the best and most relevant industry content, promote events and share networking opportunities.

Frocentric:Tech will be a safe, inclusive community where you can meet, converse, learn, collaborate and socialise with your peers. Whether your discipline is creative, technical or strategic, we’re committed to developing effective programmes to help us succeed individually and collectively.

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We believe Black tech professionals and digital creatives deserve a dedicated, safe space where we can connect, communicate and collaborate.

Frocentric:Tech is built by and for Black tech professionals. Unlike mainstream social networks, our platform serves the needs of our members, not the other way round.

 FrowareSocial media groups (Twitter/FB/Insta/LinkedIn)Enterprise chat (Slack)Messaging (WhatsApp/Telegram)
Focussed environmentYesNoYesNo
Abuse prevention/moderationYesNoYesYes
Community-driven roadmapYesNoNoNo
Open-source contributionYesNoNoNo
Structured conversationsYesNoYesNo
Permanent historyYesYes*No*Yes
Discriminatory policiesNoYesNoNo
Personal data miningNoYesNoNo

Yes. Membership is and will always remain free, although we may add paid premium features in the future.

Our initial featureset includes a content syndication platform aggregating content produced by Black tech professionals around the world, a community-powered calendar listing events of specific relevance to our members and discussion forums enabling ongoing, meaningful interaction.

We have a roadmap of additional functionality to deliver even greater value to the community.

Not at all! We welcome those who are interested in, aspiring to or just beginning their journey in tech.

We’re building this as a safe space for people of full or mixed heritage from the African diaspora

You’ll discover experts, thought leaders and innovators creating quality content, keep abreast of events and developments across the tech industry and get to network and socialise with your peers.

We’re working hard on the first version of our platform, currently slated to launch in Q3 2022. We’ll keep you informed of our progress and by subscribing to our mailing list, you’ll be the first to know when we’re ready.