Frocentric is a Black-owned social enterprise focussed on building community platforms for Black people. We’re creating safe online spaces for us. Focussing on industries such as Tech, Design and Marketing, each community platform will serve as space for Black people to connect, communicate and collaborate in a way that is authentic to us.

The platforms we currently rely on for socialising, networking and doing business don’t consider the Black experience. Any attempts to engage or represent Black communities often appear tokenistic at best. At their worst, these platforms hide us and refuse to give credit for the value our experience and talent brings (Black Twitter, anyone?). This is noticeable in every aspect – from the way algorithms and content “policies” suppress Black creatives on TikTok, to hiring practices that aggressively exclude Black tech candidates. Frocentric aims to change that by designing community platforms centred around the Black experience.

We offer carefully designed community platforms that celebrate our diverse experiences, elevate our voices and fulfil our needs. These community platforms will support a wider ecosystem of Black people, of varying walks of life and profession, enabling us to do what has not been possible on other platforms – to easily share skills, talent and knowledge across the African diaspora.

Our Goals


Two of the biggest challenges Black people face when trying to excel in a particular field are visibility of opportunities and recognition of our talent and achievements. Hurdles to recognition can include anything from being passed over for promotion to not being considered for an awards nomination. A lack of visibility of the opportunities and resources available to help us progress can be just as damaging.

Our ecosystem of online communities will:

  • Share resources, expertise as well as event and networking opportunities.
  • Showcase and celebrate (give recognition to) the work and expertise of community members.


Many of us have shared experiences of isolation and hostility, be it in the workplace or social settings. When you’re the only one (or one of a few), it can be difficult knowing where to turn for help and guidance. We have all felt the frustration of being misunderstood and dismissed because people do not take the time to consider the Black experience and how it impacts our work and daily lives.

From professional networking to discussions around health and wellbeing, we’re creating safe, inclusive spaces where Black people can connect, communicate and support their peers. Our communities will offer support in the form of virtual and physical events, discussion forums, interest groups.


We often find ourselves fenced-off from the same economic opportunities available to our non-Black peers. Decades of systemic bias against Black people have infected almost every aspect of our daily lives. There is evidence of this from as early on as childbirth, with Black women in the UK being five-times more likely to die during birth than white women. This disadvantage continues to play out in later life in the form of racial bias in school discipline, discriminatory housing and social policies, employment practices, limited access to finance (e.g. mortgages), aggressive policing and so on. Combined, all these factors have resulted in limited opportunities for self-improvement on a massive scale.

We’re committed to developing effective partnerships and programmes that will help change this narrative and create opportunities for Frocentric members to progress and find success in their industry.


In industries that are inherently biased towards Black people, we often find ourselves out of the loop when it comes to knowing how to “climb the ladder”.

Members will be provided with the right advice and tools to learn new skills and develop techniques that will help reach the next step and gain the recognition we deserve.

Our Vision

A world where communities across the entire African diaspora are empowered, progressive and self-sufficient

Our Mission

Building sustainable, impactful platforms that support, empower and enrich communities of the African diaspora

Our Values

In all our work and activities we aspire to:

  • Serve the best interests of our community.
  • Respect and support diversity and inclusivity.
  • Act with integrity.
  • Lead by example.
  • Constantly seek improvement.
  • Be transparent and honest.
  • Practise and facilitate effective collaboration.