Creating safe spaces for the culture

Building platforms where communities across the diaspora can connect, communicate and collaborate​

Welcome to Frocentric

At Frocentric, our mission is to build sustainable, impactful platforms that support, empower and enrich communities across the African diaspora.

The platforms we currently rely on for socialising, networking and doing business are flawed when it comes to serving their Black users. The uniqueness of the Black experience and diversity of the African diaspora are rarely considered and often overlooked. Frocentric aims to change that by designing community platforms centred around the Black experience.

Our Work

We exist to create safe, productive, fun spaces for people of the African diaspora to connect, communicate and collaborate with each other.

We’re hard at work constructing Frocentric:Tech, our first community platform being built specifically with the needs of Black tech professionals in mind.

Our Key Goals


We’re building an ecosystem of community hubs to highlight content, expertise, networks, events and other valuable resources.


We’re creating safe spaces where Black people can meet, converse, learn, collaborate and socialise with their peers.


We’re committed to developing effective partnerships, programmes to help our members progress and succeed both individually and collectively.


We’re providing advice and tools to learn new skills that will help to attain their desired level of skill and recognition within their fields of expertise.

Latest Updates