Q) What career are you currently in & how long have you been working there?

I work in tech journalism and I’ve been working in that role for four and a half years. My first graduate role was as a reporter, then I moved to a new publication and work as a small business editor, writing in relation to small businesses and everything relating to them

Q) What inspires you as a black professional, working in the tech sector?

I think for me, it’s the idea of being able to express yourself and put together your thoughts and ideas in a way that’s different from the typical look of things. In journalism specifically, it’s usually the white male dominating expression, so being able to collaborate and network as a Black woman enables much more progressive output.

Q) What made you eager to join the Frocentric project?

For me, starting off on Froware, it was an interesting idea as it was something I’d wanted to develop a similar idea myself. All the directories I looked at weren’t working well, so this brought together many of my ideas together and gave me the chance to be a part of something that would benefit many other people as well.

Q) What are you hoping to gain from it?

I’m hoping to meet you new people, develop my own skills and being able to say I helped people with answering their questions across different topics and industries. So being able to be a part of a project that has all of this under one roof would be a great achievement.

Q) How do you think we can make a change in the community?

I feel we can answer people’s questions in an easier and more efficient way. We can offer real hope for the future, in the current times when many of us have lost faith in businesses and entrepreneurs across our community. We have the opportunity to offer a safe space where they can access the answers and knowledge they need.

Q) Finally, what’s one thing you’re hoping to push with this platform?

I’m definitely looking forward to building a genuine community with a real sense of togetherness, so no matter what they’re looking for, we can provide the information and support they need. Everyone has something to share based on their personal experiences and so we want to create a space where they feel safe to offer as well as receive help.